Paw and Nose Balm for Cats & Dogs
Paw and Nose Balm for Cats & Dogs
Paw and Nose Balm for Cats & Dogs

Paw and Nose Balm for Cats & Dogs

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"Stop licking your paws!" Sounds familiar? 

Why do we need to keep their paw and nose moisturized? 
Moisturized paw pads are less prone to cracks that can be painful and infected paws (causing your pet to lick the affected area). 

It also helps with the skin renewal process and soothes irritated areas making it ideal for wear and tear on the pads. 

Product Description 
Specially formulated by G-Natural to moisturize, heal and protect areas of concern. 

Natural ingredients used to create this balm has natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties to encourage skin healing. 

How to use
Apply a thin layer on dry paw pads, elbows or nose before bedtime. This lick-safe balm will keep dry skin soft and moisturized. 

Use daily for optimal results. 

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Pure Olive Oil*, Organic Shea Butter*, (Raw Unrefined) & White Beeswax* (Cera Alba) 

*Food grade ingredient 

Caution! Avoid using on dogs/ human with known allergy reaction to any of the ingredients listed. 

Volume: 15g

Formulated and Handcrafted by G-Natural in Singapore