Baguette Chou Chou (Bantal Busuk) - Valerian Cat Toy
Baguette Chou Chou (Bantal Busuk) - Valerian Cat Toy
Baguette Chou Chou (Bantal Busuk) - Valerian Cat Toy
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Baguette Chou Chou (Bantal Busuk) - Valerian Cat Toy

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Handsewn Bread Chou Chou. 

Ever heard of giving a Chou Chou to your cats?
Now you can! Handmade in Singapore and infused with Valerian root for the 'chou' (stinky) smell. Yes, I must warn you that this chou chou is really stinky due to the valerian root inside. 

What is Valerian Root?
Valerian root is from the Valeriana Officinalis, a flowering herb plant with sweetly scented white or pink flowers that grows around the world.

This plant has long been used by humans since the times of ancient Greece and Rome as a medicinal herb. Valerian is commonly consumed in the form of a tea or a dietary supplement due to its calming effects. Cats have a much different reaction to this all-natural herb than humans. Behaviors of cats on valerian root are similar to the commonly experienced behaviors of cats on catnip. It results in playful behaviors such as rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, meowing, pouncing, drooling and licking. 

Cats’ reaction to Valerian Root is based on the scent of the essential oils of the herb which are thought to mimic cat pheromones which put them in a playful or loving mood. Do note that scent is described as earthy, like cheese, or smelly shoes The effects usually only last between 5-30 minutes and may not work on kittens.