Daisy Moo Cow Stinky Puff - Valerian
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Daisy Moo Cow Stinky Puff - Valerian

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Purrs Wild Hare Stinky Puff Cat Toy with Valerian Root Infused. - Standalone Toy (Does not attach to the Wands)

This Stinky Daisy MooCow Puff will have your Furkid growling, shaking, attacking and slobbering with delight!

Each Daisy MooCow Puff comes in various sizes and shapes with natural turkey feathers. Infused with stinky Pure valerian root inside.

The Daisy MooCow Puff is made from British free range cow hide and feathers. This is a more expensive product due to only using a by-product from 100% genuine free range hide. The fur is a by-product from free roaming Cows living a natural outdoor life in UK and are protected under British Animal Welfare Laws.

Colour - Natural Colours in grey, white, brown.

Size varies due to thickness of material.

SAFETY !! If your cat is prone to eating and swallowing toys or if you are not completely sure , please supervise play at all times.