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Diatomaceous Earth Powder

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Diatomaceous Earth Powder is naturally formed by fossilised algae in dried up freshwater lakes. They are rich in Silica and has been used as a natural pesticide to kill fleas, mites and insects since the 1960s! When insects are in contact with Diatomaceous Earth, the powder will slowly suffocate and dehydrate them.

Diatomaceous Earth can also be found in your toothpaste, deodorant soap, and are also used in wine filtration and anti-caking agent in our food.

Functions of Diatomaceous Earth.

  • Kill and repel common house pests such as ants, cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, etc
  • Kill and prevent grain mites in kibbles and dry feed.
  • Natural dewormer for animals
  • Kill and repel fleas, mites, and ticks
  • Use on plant pests such as aphids and mealy bugs
  • Remove carpet stains
  • Remove odour in shoe cabinet or refrigerator

100% Food Grade, Non Toxic and Safe for all animals. 

For more information & instructional videos on the use of DE, please visit: 

Size: 1kg

Made in Australia 

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Diatomaceous Earth, the powder is good and effective. Have tried it to eliminate the pest (cockroaches ants) in my kitchen. Also have used it on furkid, less itching