Dr. Goat Milk Powder
Dr. Goat Milk Powder
Dr. Goat Milk Powder

Dr. Goat Milk Powder

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-Lactose Free
-Easily Digested & Absorbed
-Supplemented with Prebiotics and Probiotics
-Essential Vitamins
-Calcium for Strong Bones
-Lower in Cholesterol
-Yummy, Creamy Taste

Dr. Goats Milk for Dogs & Cats
With lesser Cassien content compared to Cow’s Milk, Goat’s Milk is the perfect treat in the form of milk for your beloved pet. It is easier to digest compared to Cow’s Milk and will not cause diarrhoea for those lactose intolerant. Goat’s Milk contains the appropriate amount of carbohydrates, protein and fats to promote the optimal health and growth of your beloved pet. It also contains vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B complex, C and calcium to improve your beloved pet’s immunity, bone density as well as skin and coat.

This Formula is best fed to:

  1. New-born Animals (to support optimal growth as well as boost natural immunity)
  2. Pregnant & Lactating Mothers (to maintain health during and after birth)
  3. Sick Animals (to boost their immunity to fight against the sickness & disease)
  4. Older Animals (to support their nutritional requirements for a better golden age)

Directions for mixing Milk Powder:
For very young (less than 7 days old) or severely malnourished animals, mix one measure milk with two measures of warm water. For older animals (7 to 10 days old with eyes open) mix two measures of milk with three measures of warm water.

Directions for Feeding:
Gently shake or stir one part powdered Goat’s Milk into two parts of warm water. A part is any measuring device you use: teaspoon, tablespoon or cup. Do not use a blender. All animals should receive their mother’s milk for at least 2 days, if possible. This colostrum milk gives extra nutrition and temporary immunity against some diseases. Goat’s Milk may be fed at the daily rate of two tablespoons (30ml) of liquid per 4 ounces (115g) of bodyweight. The daily feeding rate should be divided into equal portions for each feeding. Small or weak animals should be fed every 3 to 4 hours. Larger and/or older animals do well being fed every 8 hours. Weigh them daily to assure adequate feeding and nutrition. Goat’s Milk should be fed at room or body temperature.

Pregnant & Lactating Animals:
Mix Goat’s Milk Powder into the daily ration at the rate of 2 teaspoonfuls per 5lbs. (2.2kg) bodyweight until 2 weeks after whelping. Goat’s Milk must be refrigerated. Discard unused portion after 24 hours. Opened powder can be refrigerated for up to 3 months or can be frozen for up to 6 months.

Avoid direct sunlight, please store at room temperature under 35. Opened powder may be refrigerated for three months.

Full Cream Goat Milk, Vitamin Premix, Mineral Premix, High Calcium

Weight: 200g

Made in New Zealand