Retractable Feather Cat Wand
Retractable Feather Cat Wand
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Retractable Feather Cat Wand

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Extends like a fishing rod. Comes with a feather and bell attachment. 

-Stress Relief
-Build Stronger Bonds
-Fight Obesity

How to play with your Cat
In general, Cats need a minimum of 30 mins of play time per day to fully expand all their energy. It is a good idea to split this 30 mins into 2-3 sessions depending on your cat.
Cats are born hunters; it makes sense that the best way to get your cat moving and playing is to stimulate their predatory instincts. Feather toys, which are often attached to the end of a wand or string, are good prey replicas for your feline friend to stalk and even snatch from the air.

Length: 20inch retracted, 32inch extended. 

Make sure you keep it in a drawer or cabinet out of your cat's reach when play time is over.