Matatabi Mouse - Possum/Hare
Matatabi Mouse - Possum/Hare
Pudgy Cat Co

Matatabi Mouse - Possum/Hare

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Handmade from all natural possum/hare fur with a sprinkle of Silvervine powder.

Pudgy Cat Co's Matatabi Mouse is made from offcuts possum or hare pieces. Sizes of each toy differs individually because its handmade from offcuts.

Sustainable Product Creation
Here at Pudgy Cat Co., we are all about creating ethically and responsibly sourced products. We use ethically sourced fur from possums in New Zealand and wild hares from UK to make toys that bring out the inner predator in your cat.
Possums are not just pests; they pose a disastrous threat to New Zealand’s unique ecosystem. Culling possums for their fur, tick many green boxes: fair-trade, biodegradable, reusable, sustainable. Our hare pelts are sourced from rabbits from the UK which are killed for their meat in order to supply the consumer markets, or as a measure of pest control.