OcuLove - Natural Pet Eye Health Supplement
OcuLove - Natural Pet Eye Health Supplement

OcuLove - Natural Pet Eye Health Supplement

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No matter how old our pets get, we like to think of them as puppies/kittens forever. Unfortunately, almost all pets will face vision problems during their lifetimes, including issues like glaucoma, cataracts, or infections like conjunctivitis. Supporting pet eye health with NHV OcuLove will help keep those beautiful eyes healthy for longer.

  • Internal supplement supports conditions like glaucoma, conjunctivitis, cataracts, retinal disorders, tear stains and other eye infections and problems
  • Beneficial for enhancing circulation and oxygenation around eyes
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps to maintain healthy eye function

OcuLove is an all natural herbal botanical supplement. The herbs in this blend are known for their eye health benefits. For instance bilberry, which contains anthocyanins - the pigments that give these berries their rich blue color - are naturally occurring compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that anthocyanins enhance the circulation in small blood vessels and help improve oxygenation around the eye. Improved oxygenation is beneficial for conditions like glaucoma (optic nerve damage), cataracts (clouding of the lens) and retinal disorders (vision impairment). Other ingredients like eyebright and turmeric help to soothe itchiness, inflammation (in eyelids and blood vessels) and may improve various eye conditions that can damage the optic nerve. Gingko Biloba is known as one of the oldest living tree species on earth. Its healing properties include enhancing blood flow, providing better oxygenation (which helps with the conditions mentioned above), and slowing the progression of vision loss in pets with diabetes. Wheatgrass has twice the amount of vitamin A compared to carrots - a food commonly known to improve eyesight. Oregon grape can help against microorganisms and has anti-inflammatory properties that may aid with vision, eye infections, conjunctivitis, red eyes, dry eyes, and eye issues in general.

This natural supplement is veterinarian formulated to help your pet’s eye health.

To be taken twice daily. Determine your pet’s weight and then use the easy chart below to determine the correct dose. This is the minimum dosage.

Pet's Weight Dosage
0 - 6.9 kg = 0.5 ml
7 - 13 kg = 1.0 ml
14 - 20 kg = 1.5 ml
21 - 27 kg = 2.0 ml
28 - 34 kg = 2.5 ml
Over 34 kg = 3.0 ml

How to Administer
Shake well before use. The easiest method is to use the dropper provided and place the drops into your pet’s food or favorite treat. You can also use the dropper and squirt directly into the pet’s mouth.

Bilberry, Eyebright, Gingko, Wheat (wheatgrass), Turmeric, Oregon grape

Product Storage
All NHV Natural Pet Products are pure herbal extracts and contain no artificial additives, preservatives or coloring. Shelf life after opening is 6 months and must be refrigerated after opening.

Weight: 100ml

Made in Canada