Peace and Kindness Spray
Chris Christensen

Peace and Kindness Spray

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Chris Christensen Peace & Kindness Spray is a 100% all natural alternative to antibiotics or steroids!

This non-toxic topical spray contains .999 pure silver particles at 30ppm. Peace & Kindness is tasteless, odorless, and non stinging allowing it to be applied directly to open cuts or wounds without painful reactions. Safe for use around the eyes, mouth and nose. A must have addition for first aid kits. This miracle skin care product:

  • Stimulates healing of cuts, scrapes, and open sores
  • Alleviates hot spots, yeast infections, ear infections and more
  • Safe for use on dogs and cats

    100% Distilled Structured Water with .999 PURE SILVER
    Colloidal Silver 30ppm

    Size: 8oz

      Made in the USA