Sanitizing Pet Wipes
Sanitizing Pet Wipes
Sanitizing Pet Wipes
Sanitizing Pet Wipes

Sanitizing Pet Wipes

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Canister Set includes:
1) Empty Canister x 1
2) Sanitizing Wipes (60 sheets) x 1 pack

Refill Set includes:
Sanitizing Wipes (60 sheets) x 3 packs

Are you using baby wipes to clean your pets?
Proven to eliminate up to 99.99% harmful pathogens such as Escherichia coli, Feline calicivirus and Legionella pneumophila, yet gentle and safe for direct application on both human and pets. Created for busy individuals to keep furry kids clean without going through the hassle of washing and drying. These simple steps will remove surface dirt, odor, bacteria, irritants, allergens and pathogens effectively. 

5 Main Ingredients to avoid in wet wipes for pets 
1) Parabens -  A common preservative used prolong the shelf life of products to prevent fungal growth, this ingredient is known to cause skin irritation, rashes, and skin infections in pets 

2) Propylene (Alcohol) - Can cause skin irritations and dry skin. Propylene has been linked to organ system toxicity and skin irritation. 

3) Sulfates -  These are surfactants that strip skin and coats of natural oils and irritate the skin causing redness, drying, and itching which can lead to skin infections 

4) Phthalates - This ingredient is known to cause problems to the kidneys and liver. Phthalates are also well-known hormone disruptors that can cause malignancies of the reproductive system in both humans and dogs 

5) Betaines - Has been known to irritate skin, cause allergic reactions, affect the immune system, and cause upset stomachs or vomiting if ingested, and can actually cause damage to the skin and coat with frequent use 

100% Electrolyzed Water 

Volume: 60 sheets/ pack [Each bundle comes with 3 packs] 

Made in Singapore