SEN Dog Food Vegetarian Recipe - 1.5kg
SEN Dog Food Vegetarian Recipe - 1.5kg

SEN Dog Food Vegetarian Recipe - 1.5kg

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SEN's Vegetarian Recipe contains Nucleotides, pre and pro biotics. 

Recommended for dogs who requires sensitive care diet.  

Key Features
- Vegetarian diet with complete and balance nutrients required
- 5000 PPM of Purified RNA-Nucleotides added to enhanced immunity, health and performance of dogs
- Enriched with Omega-3 Fatty acids for healthier skin and coat
- Enriched with prebiotics for healthier gut
- Enriched with high level of Vitamin C and E as natural antioxidants
- Natural Flavour and no added artificial flavour or fillers
- Added with refined food grade vegetable oil

Soy protein concentrate, Jasmine Rice, Sunflower seed, Wheat protein, Soybean oil, Palm oil, Turmeric, Yucca, Chicory, Multi-Vitamins, Inorganic and organic minerals, Amino acids, Prebiotics, Flavours & Appetizers, Vitamin E & Vitamin C as antioxidants.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (mix) 24%, Crude Fat (min) 8%, Crud Fiber (max) 4%, Moisture (max) 10%, Calcium (min) 1%, Phosphorous (min) 0.8%

Feeding Guide
1kg-5kg - 35-80g/day
5kg-10kg - 80-170g/day
10kg-15kg - 170-250g/day
15kg-20kg - 250-325g/day
20kg-30kg - 325-370g/day
30kg-40kg - 370-550g/day

Manufactured in Thailand

Product of Singapore

Pack Size: 1.5kg