Silvervine Powder 20g
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Silvervine Powder 20g

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100% Super Potent Silvervine Powder. Purrfectly Safe and healthy.

Also known as Matatabi in Japanese, Silvervine is a plant that grows in mountainous regions in Asia. In its powdered form, it induces a euphoric state in your cat. This can be observed by behavior such as rolling around, chin/cheek rubbing, meowing and drooling.
Cats who show little interest in catnip, may show interest in Silvervine instead. 
Reactions may vary from cat to cat but usually just a pinch of Silvervine is enough to drive them nuts!

Direction for use:
Just spinkle a pinch on your cat toys, tree or on the floor.

Each tub contains:
20g of pure silvervine powder, finely ground from the gall fruit of the Actinindia Polygama plant.

Effects will last between 5-30mins.