SuperCoat - Coat and Skin Support for Cats 30ml

SuperCoat - Coat and Skin Support for Cats 30ml

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Veterinary Formulated Coat Conditioner & Skin Support for Cats
SuperCoat is a nutritional support for cats to promote a healthy coat and skin.

Supercoat can be used to support :
• Good coat and skin condition
• Cats for showing
• Dull coats and excessive shedding
• Dry Skin
• Skin irritations and itching
• Excessive dandruff
• Feeding Instructions

SuperCoat Contains:
✓B- Complex
✓Chelated Zinc
✓M.SM- methylsulfinylmethane

Feed each cat individually

Cat: 2ml (first 30 days)

All cats & kittens: 1ml daily (long term)

Veterinary Top Feeding Tips for cats

  • Place the paste on the nose of the cat or front paws and the cat will lick the paste.
  • Mix the paste in cat food. Mixing in wet food always makes life easier.
  • Place the paste on your finger and then gently into the cats mouth.

Weight: 30ml Paste

Made in Ireland