Toy & Fabric Cleaner Refill Pack 2L
For Furry Friends

Toy & Fabric Cleaner Refill Pack 2L

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Refill pack save money and environment.

Throwing away your furkid's favourite toy simply because it is old and dirty?

Don't know how to clean it safely and effectively?

Fret not! Toy and Fabric Cleaner to the rescue!

You can now wash all your pet's favourite toys, blankets and clothes without harmful chemicals that may cause skin irritation or diarrhoea.

Amazing results that even some chemical-based solution cannot achieve!

The uniqueness of For Furry Friends Toy & Fabric Cleaner:

  • Kill 99.9% of Bacteria and Virus l Eliminates Bad Odour
  • Foamless, yet able to achieve great results
  • Suitable for all fabrics, soft and hard toys
  • Able to use hand wash or pre-machine wash
  • Recommended to use in replacing chemical-based soap or detergent
  • Suitable for small animals’ toys and fabrics.

How to hand wash using Toy & Fabric Cleaner:

  1. Add 2.5 capful with 1000mls or 1.25 capful with 500mls bucket of water (recommended ratio for best results)
  2. Hand wash hard/soft toys & fabrics such as clothes, collar, harness and accessories.
  3. (Optional) Rinse with water till water is clear. 

How to remove tough stains using Toy & Fabric Cleaner:

  1. Apply a few drops of Toy & Fabric Cleaner (concentrate) onto stained spots.
  2. Hand Wash as per instructed above or simply throw into the washing machine to wash normally
  3. Repeat step 1 to 2 if required

Things that are great to wash with Toy & Fabric Cleaner: Toys, Clothing, Leash, Harness, Collar, Bandana and even Towels. (and many more to explore)

Content: 2L of 100% Electrolyzed Water
Made in Singapore