Wand Cord Replacement Kit
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Wand Cord Replacement Kit

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Please note that this is a wand attachment/refill.

Purrs Wand Cord Replacement Kit -  For use with the PurrSuit, Frenzy and DaBird cat toy wands

If the cord on your PurrSuit, Frenzy or Da Bird cat toy cord has been chewed then this restore kit will repair the toys as good as new! No need to buy a complete new wand!

Simple and easy to use.

Also converts the top of the DaBird wand to one with the eye loop to enable you to replace the cord.

The kit comprises of a meter black cord, a plastic cap with eye loop for the top of the wand, replacement metal prey clip for the Da Bird wand and spare adapter ring pack.

Easy to use instructions that will have your cat playing with their favourite again toy in a Jiffy!

You will need a sharp knife and a cigarette/ gas ignition lighter.to replace the top cap.

Made in UK