Wild Hare Stinky Mouse Attachment - Valerian
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Wild Hare Stinky Mouse Attachment - Valerian

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Please note that this is a wand attachment/refill.

Purrs Wild Hare Stinky Mouse Attachment - Valerian - Fits Frenzy, PurrsSuit & DaBird wand Cat Toys.

Individually Handmade.

One of the closest attachments to natural prey you can get for your furkid!

Contains stinky Valerian herb which cats love!

With the Interactive Wands, you can put life into the toy, so that the target at the end of the string can wiggle, creep, fly or dart around the room, or garden. Your cats' speed and grace will amaze you as they dash around trying to capture the prey!

The Stinky Wild Hare Mouse Attachment is made from Wild Hare. This is a more expensive product due to only using a by-product from 100% genuine Wild Hare fur. The fur is a by-product from free roaming Wild Hares living a natural outdoor life in Germany, Netherlands & Poland and are protected under EU Animal Welfare Wildlife Laws. Wild European Hares have protected seasons so availability of the toys are dependant on the amount of welfare conservation control needed.  Far better than the cheap rabbit fur toys from cruel factory intensive farms with no welfare protection and any fur from China.

As this is a natural product colours will vary and include white, grey, brown, red brown in any combination.

Approx size 10 x 7 cm. Size varies due to thickness of material.

The connection to the wand toy is via a cord.

Add a bit of variety to your Purrsuit, Da Bird or Frenzy rod toys with this fun attachment!

Simply clip on to play!

Cat teaser/Interactive toys are NOT chew toys. Cat Interactive & Teaser Toys satisfy your cat's natural hunt & chase instinct. They are designed only for human supervised interaction with your cat(s) to encourage cats to play and exercise. All the interactive toys should be put away when the play sessions are over. They should never be left with your cat to chew or destroy (as s/he would actual live prey) or left in a place where your cat can reach them without your participation. This is to protect your cat from injury and to make sure that the toys keep their strong appeal.

To complete a cat's natural hunt, catch, kill, eat cycle, use the Purrs, Frenzy or DaBird wands and prey attachments as hunt/chase exercise toys and some real feathers for the kill instinct and cat treats for afterwards to complete the cycle.

Made in UK