4 Reasons Why You Should Play with Your Cat

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Cats are known to be easier to maintain and care for compared to dogs. They do not need a lot of space or daily walks or regular baths.

Due to being such low maintenance pets, cat owners generally assume that cats do not need as much attention as dogs do. This is unfortunately not the case; cats benefit from interactive play and exercise as much as dogs and humans.

Stress Relief

Just like us, cats experience stress and anxiety which is detrimental to their wellbeing. Stressed cats are more likely to develop behavioral issues, such as aggression and defecating outside the litterbox. In worst cases, this could lead to the FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis) which is usually fatal.  

One of the best ways to keep stress at bay is regular playtime with you, this will probably reduce your stress levels asl well!

Staves Off Boredom

Cats are inquisitive creatures in general, they need some type of stimulation or entertainment every day. Else they will get lethargic and depressed, this can manifest in the form of furniture scratching and fighting among cats in the same household.

Play provides mental stimulation for your feline by allowing her to exercise her cognitive and motor skills. To keep your furniture intact and your feline out of trouble, engage in play your cat to use up all their energy.

Build Stronger Bonds

Exercise will help your feline release anxiety and aggression through mental and physical stimulation similarly to how we release endorphins when we exercise. Having your cat in a relax state allows her to bond with you and other cats in the household. Play is vital especially when socializing new cats or kittens to the household and keeping them engaged.

Prevents Obesity

Obesity among indoor cats is a big problem in Singapore. Much like us in the current work from home situation, many cats overeat and lead sedentary lifestyles, which contributes to obesity.  

Play encourages your cat to be active, helps maintain a healthy body weight and keeps muscles toned and strong. Activities that let your cat express their natural hunting instincts also help keep their mind sharp and alert.

How to play with your Cat

In general Cats need a minimum of 30 mins of play time per day to fully expand all their energy. It is a good idea to split this 30 mins into 2-3 sessions depending on your cat.

It is prudent to give your cat a variety of toys to play with including those that they can play on their own with and those that you use to play with them.  You will also want to have Items like card board boxes and cat condos in the house to encourage the explorer in your cat.

Cats are born hunters; it makes sense that the best way to get your cat moving and playing is to stimulate their predatory instincts. Feather toys, which are often attached to the end of a wand or string, are good prey replicas for your feline friend to stalk and even snatch from the air. If you would like to pamper your feline, do check out our range of hand made wands and attachments from the UK here.

For those times when you are busy at home, there are also toys that that can entertain your pet without your attention. Automated lasers are also one of the popular toys that you can turn to for your cat, which can imitate a bug for your cat to hunt and chase.

Other tools you can use to keep your pet engaged included tools like mats by Lickimat that can keep your cat engaged when eating treats or meals.

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